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Infants are in our Brockton & East Bridgewater Location

Small minds big discoveries...

Our infant program provides a curriculum that is in tune with the individual development of each child. The curriculum is designed to promote fine motor, gross motor, social emotional, language, and literacy skills. Each child is provided with activities that help to further develop all of these skills while providing individualized attention. 

Our Infant/Toddler classroom is designed for older infants and infants who have reached early toddler age. This classroom uses an interactive curriculum that focuses on various areas of growth, such as, social emotional, fine motor and gross motor. Our Infant/Toddler program offers children a variety of activities throughout the day while also caring for each child's individual needs.

Between the ages of 0-4 months, your baby will:

  • -Turn her head toward sounds and voices
  • -Stare at bright objects and follow them with his eyes.
  • -Move her arms together and apart.
  • -Bring his hands to his mouth, and possibly suck on his own hands or fingers
  • -By 4 months, lift his head and shoulders off the floor when laying on his tummy

Between the ages of 4-8 months, your baby will:

  • -Grab onto objects within her reach
  • -Roll over to explore and get to objects
  • -Prop himself up on his arms when laying on his tummy
  • -Sit independently for brief periods
  • -Pass objects from one hand to the other hand

-Between the ages of 8-12 months, your baby will:

  • -Reach, grab, and put objects in her mouth
  • -Pinch small objects (e.g. cheerios) with thumb and pointer finger
  • -Move objects from one hand to the other
  • -Drop and pick up toys
  • -Bang two objects together
  • -Let go of objects on purpose
  • -Put things into containers (with large openings) and take them out again
  • -Bite and chew toys
  • -Hold a spoon (but not yet feed herself)
  • -Hold his own bottle
  • -Hold out an arm or leg to help with dressing
  • -Wave hello or goodbye