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Waddler & Toddlers are at our Brockton & East Bridgewater Location

Waddlers (young toddlers)

Our Waddler program is designed for children from 15 months to 2.9 years old. In the Waddler classroom the children are provided structure while also engaging in activities that foster the many areas of development. One of the things that makes two-year-old's so much fun is that toddlers are becoming more and more effective in communicating. They are eager explorers and have many skills – walking, talking, figuring out how things work – that allow them to venture out and make lots of new discoveries when they feel a strong sense of security in their environment. These days of playing, exploring, and cuddling are exactly what they need to grow and learn!


By the end of their second year, you can expect children to be creating simple sentences, like 'more milk' or 'want that'. These little guys have minds of their own, and strong feelings and preferences that they express with gusto! At this age they are also expanding their ability to memorize, and can imitate what they see others do hours, even days, later. This is a crucial time developmentally to give them continuous support as they begin to take on more responsibility and confidence in their own self-motivated learning. In our Toddler/Preschool program the our curriculum allows for the children to engage in fun activities while also developing their various areas of growth.